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Subukia Retreat House

Subukia retreat Centre

The Retreat house is located at the Subukia National Marian Shrine, a serene environment for prayers, retreats, meetings or even resting. The center is equipped with Kitchen with all facilities, Laundry and Drying area, Dining Room with the capacity of 200 people, 2 Common dormitories up to 60 people, there are 54 self- contained rooms, 3 meeting Halls, 1 counselling room and 2 chapels in this building. At this House there is a chance of reconnecting yourself with the Lord through sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharist. With the help of friars who always avail themselves to guide and direct retreatants to a spiritual nourishment. Franciscan Charism is shared through the living the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and continually growing the awareness of God’s presence and work among us and in the lives of the many people who visit the Retreat house.

Spiritual Activities

Preached retreat

Day of Recollection

Direct Retreat

Spiritual Direction

Silent Retreats

Organize silent retreats where participants spend a designated period in silence.

Prayers and Rituals

Facilitate prayer sessions or spiritual rituals that align with the beliefs and traditions of the participants.

Spiritual Workshops and Lectures

Arrange workshops and lectures on various spiritual topics

Other Activities

  • Nature Walks and Ecological Awareness: Encourage participants to engage with nature by organizing guided walks in the surrounding natural environment.
  • The retreat house serves as a place for victims of rape and suicidal attempters, to come seek counselling and spiritual upliftment. Also, it serves as a home for Bishops during National prayer day.
  • Journaling and Reflection: Provide opportunities for participants to engage in reflective writing or journaling exercises.
  • Personal Guidance and Spiritual Counseling: Offer one-on-one sessions with experienced spiritual directors or counselors to provide personalized guidance and support for participants on retreat.

  • It serves as a home for us friars during retreats, meetings, especially during chapters.

Our Charges

Self-guided Retreat

3,000 Ksh per night

Preached Retreat{as a group}

3,500 Ksh per night

Directed Retreat {one on one}

4,000 Ksh per night

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