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subukia national shrine

Welcome To The Village Of Mary, Subukia National Shrine



Village of Mary, is the National Marian Shrine located in Subukia 40 km from Nakuru. The shrine belongs to the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, and is entrusted to the care of the Conventual Franciscan Friars. It is a place of peace, prayer, reconciliation and rest. You are most welcome to visit the shrine and spend some time in prayer and meditation.

We encourage those who would like to visit to book for a better planning and crowd management.


At the foot of the hill you will find a little chapel of Mary Mother of God in which you can spend some time. In this chapel you will find a nicely curved statue of Mary with her son. That statue is made of jacaranda tree from Nairobi Nunciature garden by a Ugandan artist.

And if you reached up the hill, you will find a beautiful chapel with the statue of Our Lady and the miraculous spring of water. The new chapel was blessed on 11th of December 2010 by very Rev. Fr. Laurence Mbogo the Vicar General of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru. Spend some time there, drink the water and you will come down refreshed both physically and spiritually. Coming down you can find another route called “The Way Of the Rosary”, which will lead you to the main Shrine Church.


From the very beginning of establishing the Shrine, the Way of the Cross was accompanying pilgrims venturing for the water with very simple crosses. From the year 2011 we have built a stony way to make it easy climbing the hill. The Way of the Cross is Jesus’ journey towards salvation. If you are in the Shrine you can accompany Jesus in prayer using the Way of the Cross with 14 stations, up to the site of miraculous spring, where you can quench your thirst.



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