Our lady of Angels Postulancy Formation House is located in the Catholic Diocese of Meru in Kenya. It is providentially within the Conventual Franciscan firars’ earliest mission at Ruiri.

The postulancy program at Our Lady of Angels Formation House is the first year of initial formation for the Conventual Franciscan Friars in Kenya. The program normally lasts for one year. The period of postulancy is a time when the postulants are able to experience our life of prayer, ministry and fraternity in a much more intense way by actually living with the friars. The program is geared to accompany the postulant to reach his own goal by attaining personal and spiritual maturity and familiarizing with the Franciscan charism.

The purpose of the postulancy program can be said to be three-fold. Firstly, it is aimed at helping the postulant examine himself in terms of the demands and joys of religious life. It aids him discern their call. Vocation discernment is  the process through which one arrives at a clear conscious and definitive decision to consecrate oneself to the Lord in the Conventual Franciscan life. Similarly, the program facilitates one to create a rhythm of spiritual study that nurtures ones spiritual growth, piety and personal holiness that enhances the kind of free, deep and mature relationship with God that is required of a consecrated individual. Finally, the program exposes one to a broad range of subjects through a syllabus that is designed to groom the postulant’s intellectual growth for their spiritual welfare.

There are currently two friars directly accompanying the postulants in their discernment. However, all the friars at the mission assist the formation team in various roles like spiritual nourishment through the, personal accompaniment in both human and spiritual growth and giving witness to the young ones who so carefully observe them.