Limuru Childrens Home

St Anthonv Children’s Home
The Conventual Franscisoan Friars runs a Children’s Home that is situatęd in Limuru. The Homę is a chmitable organŁation that houses destitute girls who are most vulnerable due to varięd issues. Either by the fact that, the parents are mentally challenged, orphaned and abandoned girls from the hospital or in the streets. The home aims at helping the girl child to grow into an adult who can stand on hęr own and become a responsible member in the society. Wę achieve these by uplifting the dignity of the girl child with a mission to provide a safer environmęnt, basic łeeds, quality ęducation and spirifual nourishment to thę less privileged. Currentły, we have 33 girls betweenthe ages of 2-18 years. Some are in the universities and colleges, others are in secondary, primary and pre-primary schools. \Me also have special kids who are studying in special schools. We are able to accomplish the above objectives through a team work, lńich comprises af Benedictine sisters from Poland who are involved in the daily running activities of the home. We also have the director, social worker, cooks, house mothers, security guards and the gardener. This
team of staff ensures smooth running of activitięs and implemerrtation of the homę initiatives for the good of the children. Recently, the sisters with the help from Polish Embassy, they were able to renovate our old kitchen and also constructed an open new dinning hall for the children. They have also initiated a volunteer program whereby; this volunteers are engaged in supporting thę children’s welfare. The children arę involvęd in extra- curriculum activities like computer classes, music, touring trips, public speaking, psychosociai support and counsęling during holidays