St. John the evangelist Parish, Chepseon started as an outstation under Kipchimchim parish in 1978. Later Kipkelion became a parish and Chepseon became an outstation  under Kipkelion parish until 2006 when it was installed as a parish by his Lordship Bishop Emeritus Emmanuel Okombo of the Catholic Diocese of Kericho. Currently the parish has 12 outstations including Chepseon center.



Chepseon parish holds approximately 46,000 people of which almost 3,000 are Catholics which translates to 6.52%. The number of those in the sacrament of Baptism since it became a parish is 1122, those confirmed is 573, those in the sacrament of marriage is 79. There are 7 religious from the parish (3 priests and 4 sisters) and 1 novice.

Institutes within the parish

There are 8 secondary schools and 1 vocational training center.



The main challenges encountered,

* Financial problem since despite there is rain Christians don’t support the church fully.

* The Christian’s faith is very low which leads to poor turnout to church and even receiving sacraments.

* There is scarcity of water when it doesn’t rain for few weeks since the residents don’t preserve water during rainy seasons.

* There is poor infrastructure especially Roads