As Franciscans, we share in various and specific ways in the Church’s ministry, established by God to spread the Kingdom of Christ throughout the world to the glory of God the Father, and thus to make all people partakers of the saving redemption, and through them to direct the entire universe to Christ. We strive zealously to lead apostolic lives completely directed to this same goal.


By our profession of the evangelical counsels, we consecrate all our energies in a special way to the proclamation of Christ’s message in word and deed and to the dispensation of His grace, so as to be able to instill the spirit of the Gospel in diverse communities and spheres of life and give witness to the coming of Christ’s Kingdom. 

Our primary apostolate is to live the gospel life among the poor people in charity, simplicity and humility.

We avail ourselves to all for the service of the Church and the assistance of others. Our goal is to proclaim the mystery of Christ and His gospel of peace, charity and conversion, exhorting all to an upright life in accordance with the law of the Gospel. That is why here in Kenya, we try our best to be close to the people in need, and with whom we work, live and share our faith.


In Kenya, we work in three Parishes: Immaculate Conception Parish in Ruiri, St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Limuru and St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish in South C, Nairobi. Here we work fraternally with all the laity in and for the Church. Our concern is to help the Christians practice a living union with Christ and help them in their journey to holiness which is a universal call to all the people of God. 

We regularly interact with the Christians in the small Christian Communities which are active in all our parishes. During these pastoral visits, we encourage our Christians to ask questions pertaining to the faith, social, culture, life and generally all kinds of questions, which affect their lives as Christians and Africans.

We keep in mind the human condition which is so much in need of continuous renewal and increase of God’s grace, not forgetting the goodness of our redeemer who does not will the death of the sinner, but that he be converted and live. Our Friar Priests, devote themselves with particular zeal to the administration of the sacrament of reconciliation. 

Following the example of our Founder who served the lepers with great love, we take special care of the sick by visiting them frequently and providing them ample opportunity to receive the sacraments.


Our Christians have the opportunity to practice their faith fully in the numerous lay groups present in all our Parishes. They cater for all the ages and so no one is left out. Each Christian can join any group, which suits them. We have the Charismatic Renewal Groups, Secular Franciscans (III Order), Militia of Mary Immaculate (MI), Junior Franciscans (Jufra), Altar Servants, Choir, Catholic Women Association (C.W.A.), Catholic Men Association (C.M.A.), Sunday School, Junior Youth, Senior Youth, Pro-lifers, Couples for Christ, e.t.c. 

In Ruiri, we have a retreat house (Immaculate Conception) which helps us to strengthen and develop our relationship with God. This house is open to the local clergy, religious and all the lay people as well. It is situated in a conducive environment to allow the retreatants have peace of heart and harmony in their lives. 

All our friars zealously and devoutly develop the Militia of Mary Immaculate among the laity and clergy since it expresses the Marian spirit of our Seraphic Order and besides it is an outstanding form of evangelical apostolate. One way we do this effectively is through the publication of the magazine called: Messenger of Mary Immaculate.


Our Printing Press called: Franciscan Kolbe Press situated in Limuru is another means by which we evangelize effectively through the media. It helps the local Church in Kenya and in Africa as whole to spread the Good News around the continent by printing books for various Church linked publishers, especially Pauline Publications Africa. These books are available in all the Catholic bookshops around the continent. 

In Limuru we run a rehabilitation centre for abused and orphaned girls (Saint Antony Children’s Home). In the same place there is also a Women Centre that helps young women and girls to prepare themselves for the life in the families and training them in tailoring. Likewise we have Dispensaries and a street boys centre (Kwetu – Home of Peace, Nairobi) hoping that all these institutions will help our people to be good citizens and responsible devoted Christians. 

Although really straggling with finances, we try to reach the people in their various needs, problem, difficulties, giving them love, helpful hand and hope.

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